Super Swap fan of the month: Harriet

Every month at TicketSwap we put the spotlight on a super fan.

This month it is Harriet's turn, a super fan of Amelie Lens from Brighton, UK.

We spoke to her after Amelie's performance at Exhale with Amelie Lens, during Awakenings ADE, for which we'd given her tickets.

Do you remember when you first heard Amelie's music? 

That was during A Summer Story 2018, a festival in Madrid. It was the first time that I had a complete techno experience. I always went to indie bands, but this experience turned everything around; the rest of the summer I have not listened to anything else. This year I went to A Summer Story again, I couldn't wait to see Amelie perform again after listening to music all year round. She played "Elements" by Tobias Lueke - that track wasn't released yet and has driven me mad all summer. During her performances, I always feel like I'm flying. I have slapped quite a few people in the face while I threw my fist in the air, sorry not sorry.


How many gigs have you been to?

I have seen her twice at A Summer Story, this year in Fabrik Madrid during Brunch in the Park, Printworks in London, both her sets during 24hr ADE, last week in Antwerp for her 8-hour set and again this month in Fabric London. The furthest I have traveled purely to see her perform was ADE - I will always be you guys grateful for this!

What is your favorite gig moment?

That's a tricky one, I think this year's A Summer Story, because festivals have a perfect atmosphere and the set was great, I think there was good chemistry between Amelie and the audience. The sun was just rising and low-flying planes were flying over the festival, it felt much like a dream.

What was the highlight of the ADE gig?

The location at Warehouse Elementenstraat was unreal, I was also in the front during her first set and the decks were low enough to clearly see what was happening. Amelie has more fun than anyone else in the audience - for me that is part of the show.

Have you ever met Amelie?

At Fabrik I made a t-shirt for her and wrote a short letter to her and when she came out I climbed the railing in front of the stage and gave her the t-shirt. She took my hand, that was so sweet. I took a picture of her with the shirt and partied hard for the rest of the evening.

When she left the 8-hour set in Antwerp, there was an army of fans who all tried to take a picture, you could hear "Amelie!" "Amelie" in a dozen of different accents. She couldn’t stay long because she could only sleep for two hours or so that night, but she took a picture with everyone and genuinely wants to do so, that is so much fun. I don't think you can find another artist who is as down to earth as she is, she waves to everyone she recognizes at her gigs. I tweet her quite often and she always reacts in a way like you have a casual chat with a friend, very cool.

How do you keep up with where or when she performs?

Usually, I see her posting things, many of my personalized ads on social media are related to techno events with her or other artists I'm interested in. Now that I know TicketSwap, I no longer need to stress, because I know that tickets will probably be available when I need them.

Are you (or do you know) a superfan and would you like to be in this section? That can be arranged! Send us a message and tell us why you are a suitable candidate for this and you might be next! 


– Phoebe op 5 november 2019